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Reviews for "Shrimps McGee"

This is great...

I thought it was awesome. My girlfriend(s) said it was cute, My Dad laughed... what else can i say? (except that im not cheating on my girlfriends lol =p)


ROFL! That was complete insanity, pointless trivia, cute dancing shrimp! What a bucketfull-o-laffs....<_< yeah well ok...I liked it ^_^. Maybe we could make a flash together sometime? Just look in my prof for my AIM and hit me up :D

HappyHarry responds:

nice idea CA man, glad you enjoyed this piece of crap of a flash!!

u suck!

All ure movies are CRAP!!!!!!!! i dont know whats ure problem, but as i see on ure rewiews and toons: U HAVE A PROBLEM!

HappyHarry responds:

Oh Grandma, get off the computer, shucks!


im STILL not dissin you to make myself feel better (well maybe a little) but that...wtf was that? That musta took you a whole 8 seconds to make. I can pull more entertaining things outta my ear. *pulls something out of my ear* ...well maybe not this one but ive definitely had stuff come out of my ear more entertaining than this crap.
Oh and also stop giving bad reviews to EVERYONE.
If you really wanted to make people smile you wouldnt be such an asshole. Good Day!

HappyHarry responds:

Bad reviews don't make me an asshole, it makes me truthful, and what's your problem? I dissed your crappy flash and now you have some vendetta against me? Get over yourself.

I feel all warm inside now!

That was the most positive flash I have ever seen. Now I crave shrimp scampi. Mmmmmmm, shrimp!

HappyHarry responds:

With high risk of sounding like a homosexual...

More people need to realise that we are only on earth for a short time, in that time we have to experience the best things in life if we can, and do what we enjoy. We should fall in love, get laid, listen to our favourite music, eat good food, travel the world, our lives our finite.

The purpose of this was to bring a smile to people, if Ive done that then you've done the same for me

...and no Im not gay