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Reviews for "Shrimps McGee"


Throughout that animation I was just expecting something to happen to that shrimp......Like he gets scewered by a fork or something y'know? :(
Ah well, I'm gonna watch the 2nd one now to see if something awesome happens.


It was mildly entertaining, but not that great. There needed to be more substance to the animation.

HappyHarry responds:

I wouldn't reccommend anyone watches my submissions in reverse order, it ain't pretty!

This old crap is old and crap.

A cute flash

The animation was cute and the dialogue was mildly humorous, but let's face it the flash was just a cartoon stuck in a dance loop for a few minutes.


Weirdest thing ever...in a good way.


I love McGee! I actually danced with him and enjoyed reading his random and completely unbased facts, lol. I love the song the most though. The first time I ever heard it was beatlejuice, and loed it ever since.