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Reviews for "Shrimps McGee"


hadnt bothered 2 review any thing for 3 months ....... but that great and deserved all my 5.

and is the queens real name horaldo?



This was a cute flash. It made me smile, hope you make more ! :)

Once again a triumph for Harry and Newgrounds.

Harry I love all your cartoons. Irving being my favorite i have to say that yo uare a great animator and have a great sence of humor. I wish to see much more off of you in the future. One question though, what is that song called, I have heard it so many times and yet never knew the name of it.

HappyHarry responds:

It's by Harry Belafonte, I think it's called 'Shake Sinora'

It'll be on the Beetlejuice sound track if that helps you track it down.

Thanks dude.


shake shake shake sinora shake it al the time........hahaha lol

---Stupid-fun with dancing shrimp!---

That shrimp bastard was cute. I didn't get up from my chair, but I did start grooving to the beat! I admit it!!! (I always loved the closing song to "Beetlejuice!") I smiled, I laughed, and at the end I was filled with hope and joy! A nice change of pace from the usual NG submissions that are either really bad; or really good but with a depressing theme; or somewhat funny. How many submissions can you say actually made you feel joy?! (I found one!)