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Reviews for "Hallelujah performed by Cayler"

Good stuff...

Your pure voice really adds to this song and you play wonderfully. I liked the song before, but now I love it! This is one of the best covers I've heard, and I'm glad to have come across it here. I'm really looking forward to hearing more from you in the future. Like several others, I would have given you a higher score if possible. Hope you have/had an enjoyable trip overseas.


Cayler responds:

I sure did have an enjoyable trip. I should post a new journal with pics soon. Thanks for the 10!

You are definitely talented.

A rather immaculate performance sung. The first verse is especially my favorite, since I took music theory and all they gave us were some really bad songs to practice with. But what you have there is a perfect example of the intervals.
Very good and very well sung.

You do deserve a top 5 for this song. If not that, a top 30. This is really very good quality. Could you please add me to MSN? I rather admire your singing.

Keep it up. You have it in you!

-HFX ^_^

Cayler responds:

MSN added. ^__^ I wish this would have gotten top 30 at least but I guess not. But you never know, the other songs of mine that got in the top didn't get there right away so this one still might have a chance. lol


You seem to have a talent for simplicity, for which i applaud you. Fantastic cover, great song choice. Please keep up the great work.

Cayler responds:

I will definitely keep up this work for as long as possible. : ) Thanks for the 10 and sorry this reply is so late.

i would of gave it a 20 if i could

this song is beautyful i actually had tears in my eyes and im not one for crying my friend this song i have listened to many times i downloaded it and faved it i love it as well as all your over submissions you have a real talent and i think you will be famous no lie so all in all your brillient at singing well done


Your voice is so beatiful. I love to listen to this. Such great arrangement, and the strings that slowly add to it makes a huge difference. But your voice is what wants me to vote 6.

Thank you for this pleasure.

Cayler responds:

I wish you could have voted 6. :P Thanks for wanting to though. And thanks for the review and the 10. That's good enough for me.