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Reviews for "Hallelujah performed by Cayler"

DeathRow Hit The Nail On The Head

Your voice is quite simply put. Amazing! This is a good song. You did it Justice. I have heard many celebrities do versions of many songs before, and in many people's opinions.... they didn't do well. Your voice just fits into this song so well, that if nobody heard this song before.... It would sound like you composed and sang this song.

[ CodExAssassiN ]

Cayler responds:

Thanks I'm glad you liked it. :)


You sound just like the guy who made the song. I honestly think you have one of the most amazing voices on NG that ive ever heard. And you really could end up with a record deal, im no even kidding. Your songs are just as good, or even better than some of those people out there making millions of dollars for singing. I already know where your going to be a few years from now, and its not going to be submitting amazing songs on Newgrounds, i picture you being somewhere in a recording studio, or on a stage with thousands of people listening to you and loving your music. Keep doing what your doing and one day you'll be glad you stayed with making music.

Cayler responds:

Right now, I REALLY hope you're right cause I'm not so sure about my future at the moment. Thank you for the confidence booster. :)


Your voice is so amazing!
Really well done with creating the emotion and feeling. I got absolutely lost in this the first time I listened to it. (:

Cayler responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. :D

I've heard a lot of covers of this song...

...but this one is most definitely the best one I've ever heard. Better than the shrek cover and infinantly better than the horrible version that the x-factor winner released last year. (Ruined the song). But this is just incredible, I especially liked the lyric arrangement you chose, most people don't use this version, and I think this one holds the theme and the tone together very nicely.
Your vocals are beautiful and I especially liked the gentle piano you used. A lot of covers try to go a bit too over the top with musical arrangement, but this was done to perfection. Keep up the amazing work, and please do some more covers. One song I think you could do very well would be 'only for you' by the no-longer existing 'Trading Yesterday'.

Cayler responds:

Thank you for your positive reinforcement of my methods. lol I will look into that song you mentioned to see if I would like to try to cover it someday.


WHAT a voice you have

Cayler responds:

Thank you :)