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Reviews for "Hallelujah performed by Cayler"


How did this not get top 5... This is definetly one of the best songs on newgrounds. Your voice is amazing... honestly, HOW ARE YOU NOT KNOWN?? Your incredible man, I always wanted to be able to sing, but I never was able. And I always a voice for this kind of singing.

Epic! Everyone better vote 10 and 5 and Cayler, if you want, add me on MSN, and I will help you get top 5, it deserves it so badly!

Keep it up!


Cayler responds:

Wow, such enthusiastic support, the world needs more people like you. [: I will go ahead and add you on MSN. If you want, I also use AIM.


Loved it... just so well sung, and thanks for the lyrics, singing along now... downloading...

Cayler responds:

Thanks for downloading, I like knowing that you intend to continue listening more than once. :P


Wow! Normally I hate this song, but now it sounds way better! Great way you used your voice!

Cayler responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you like the song now. :)


another example of perfection. well done. your voice makes this song joyous, and yet sad. your voice and the way you sing draw emotions like straws, glad to see your doing well.

Cayler responds:

Draws emotions like straws, that's a very unique description, and I like it. [:

Great rendition, great voice, well played and sung

For the past couple days I find myself coming back to listen to this track. It's one of my favorites and you've done it brilliant justice! Your voice really settles with the song and fades/strengthens at very appropriate times.

Gawd I love these lyrics. So deliciously awesome.

I'm not going to talk about the vibrato in your voice, been brought up enough, I agree you can feel how genuinely you felt the song as you sung it. I wanted to talk about the instrumentation. Now this is all entirely personal preference of course, but I can hear a full orchestral score for this song. A low rumbling cello, the soft reverbed panflute to double your voice and the piano. I wish you had brought those strings up a bit, and introduced a bit more bass.

you know what, you've really inspired me to try that out. You really are a talented musician, keep up the good fight and keep em coming!

Cayler responds:

You said it, these lyrics are so deliciously awesome. xD I know what you mean about the music, when I was mastering it the music ended up being too quiet and to me it sounded like old people music and that had to change. I ended up bringing it up more but not enough. The version of this that inspired me to make it was just an acoustic guitar so I was trying to keep the peaceful effect by not overwhelming the listener, but in retrospect I'd say that this piece is just too beautiful not to be fully filled out with music. I too wish I had put more in there. I hope you take a chance at this song too, and let me know when you post it. :) I'll give a good review, just like you did.