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Reviews for "Hallelujah performed by Cayler"


Woah, I love it. I don't know about the chorus bits, it works but I kinda wanna know how it would sound without it. Either way, you can sing something serious, and I agree with Miss Arsenic, you phrase it naturally and your vibrato is genuine. One comment, would be you say "you" and not 'ya', I dunno why that bothers me so much but it stands out by not rhyming. I mean, I can't sing for peanuts, but I am certain phrasing is really hard, I mean it's a profession itself let alone doing it musically. I have to say it is my favorite version of this piece, you couldn't have started it better. I have to hear your other music.

Cayler responds:

Woah thank you for reviewing so many pieces of my music. With great reviews nonetheless. The reason I said ya instead of you was cause I had been listening to a particular version where the artist says 'ya' and so originally I wouldn't have said that, but I was influenced too much by other version. lol And I also kinda thought it sounded need in that particular place because '...do ya' rhymes with '..lujah'. Actually now that I think about it, the author probably intended 'ya' because it always ends up rhyming with hallelujah - do ya, overthrew ya, knew ya, fool ya, etc.

Lovely. =)

Hi Cayler!

Okay, first of all this song has been a classic favorite for me for years now. I have a lot of retrospective attatchments to it, and I've always loved it. I'm pleased to say that you did more than justice for this piece, and did more than just flatter it. But anyway, all that aside, I have to say... You've got soul, brother. =) You can SING. Beautiful tenor voice, good sense of where and where not to use vibrato, and good wholesome raw emotion to boot. You've been doing this for a while, haven't ya? ;D
So from one musician to another, I tip my hat to you and hope the best of luck for you in the future. Good job!

With love,
LadyArsenic <3

Cayler responds:

The way you worded that response, I can tell you are also a musician. :] The thing about my vibrato usage is that it only comes out when I really feel the emotion, so I can't just sing vibrato and hold it like people who have been classically trained. I'm always uncertain about what my vibrato is gonna do. Thanks for the good review and the 10, and all the flattery lol Your comments are what every musician wants to hear. :D


This is one of the best versions of Hallelujah I have heard. You have a great voice and the piano sounds beautiful. The only thing that could be redone was in the last verse it sounded like you talked some of the lines(like Vincoid said) if this was intentional sorry! I didn't really hear any crackles until I listened for them so that didn't bother me. Great track dude!

Cayler responds:

The thing about the last verse is that it sounds kinda weird if it's sung slowly according to the music. I hear how it could sound out of place with the rest of the song but I did do it intentionally to make it not sound so awkward and to give it more of an authentic feeling of emotion that goes with the words. Thanks for the nice review and for giving a 10 :D

Holy shit

That was awesome. Something very different from most of the music here on Newgrounds, and I must say I enjoyed it.

You have an awesome voice.

Only things keeping me from giving this a perfect 10 are the cracks (though that's probably not your fault) and the fact that some sentences sound as if they are spoken more than sung because they're too fast.

Got to check out more of your music, see ya.

Cayler responds:

Thanks, it's good to see honesty in criticism. The cracks are a problem and pretty much not fixable. I agree about the words being sung bad here and there, I didn't do a lot of rerecording of the vocals like I usually do. I hope you like the rest of my music. :)


No doubt. An incredible song. Those vocals. Amazing.

Great job man. You really did this song good. - If you understood what I was saying there.

Cayler responds:

yes, I understood. :) Thankyou.