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Reviews for "Hallelujah performed by Cayler"


I really havent found many artists on here with an amazing voice. But you my friend have an absolutely amazing voice. Take that with you skill in music and you literally have a one man band. This is truly amazing. I've listened to alot of your music, and the same thing....AMAZING. I would love to do a collab with you, you have EPIC TALENT. Wow, Just wow...
Peace bro

Cayler responds:

I would agree to a collab with you. I'm always interested in mixing different skills together to see what comes out. And plus, you've got some great music yourself. :)

This is...

Simply beautiful. I've heard many version of this song before, but I have to say this is definetely in the top 3 I've heard. I absolutely love your voice! I'm putting this on my iPod :D

- March

Cayler responds:

I'm particularly in favor of my vocal performance in this song. Although it's not my original written piece, I still take pride in it. :D


Your voice is trance like. Its beautiful. Great job! :) 5/5 and 10/10

Cayler responds:

I understand what kind of trance you're talking about. The mental trance, and not the music genre trance. lol Thanks! :)

ABSOLUTELY stunning.

you have the voice of an angel! my god! this is absolutely amazing.
you may disagree. but thousands cant be wrong. check your votes!

okay... sometimes your voice trembles abit. and i heard only a few flat notes. but i dare not sit here and say i can do better. you are astounding! your use of harmonics is brilliant! however i would not have chosen the chords you selected to create vocally... and unlike some of your other songs, i cant actually detect any voice editting. so good job!

Okay! just so you know. i think you are amazingly fantastic. and i am privelaged to have come across you on NG. i only offer the criticism from what i have learnt in this piece. i hope you understand i am not putting you down!

you are great! favourited. 5/5 10/10.
you are going to be famous.

Cayler responds:

Yes, the flat notes. lol I've never sung a single song that I was just satisfied with. It seems there are always problems with my vocal notes at least somewhere in every song. With voice editing, this song is just so soft and straight forward that I didn't feel it needed reverb or compression very much if at all (I can't really tell by listening if I used some or not, but it seems likely that I at least had it in there, even if barely) That would be dream come true if I became famous and was able to make music my life. But for now I'll keep dreaming. lol


You have great talent, i think its the first time i can say that about a singer on newgrounds, keep em coming.

Cayler responds:

Thank you, I will definitely keep em coming for as long as I can. :)