Reviews for "What Can Be Changed"


a work of art!

cool one

the intro to this one was a little long and rather over-dramatic, but once it got going, it was a pretty good one.

Good but...

It was good but i feel like every chance is there and i can't find it now and im gonna ruin my life by not taking the chance! :'(


rarely is there a submission to newgrounds that grabs you and shows you how pointless it is in life to be uninspired. i'm pretty uninspired myself, found this on accident, and like the end goes, maybe it wasn't such an accident. there's a real message here, and i hope people can be patient enough to read the subtitles. the true art behind this isn't in the drawings, its in the message. well done.


Nice film, i loved your style even though u may not understand this because you are russian but again very nice job, but try to expand your horixon and expand your topics rather then hope and help and outcomes, this would make a future film more powerful then the next and your style is very different and epic u must be working on these animations for times for thought and future again nice job
-The Monk Mob