Reviews for "What Can Be Changed"

Never got around to seeing this the past few weeks

but my girlfriend watched it 'cause a fellow Nick Cave fan recommended it, so... she told me I should see it too, and here I am. I can safely say I regret I didn't see it back on the day it was submitted (was either asleep or out, most likely).

The music builds up to the title... beautiful artwork, too. And great melding of voice and music, too. The guy sitting there after the TV goes out and turns to static... thinking about his day and all of his days and all of the days to come and so forth... kinda reminded me of Kevin Spacey (in both his facial look and his mindset as well) in American Beauty for some reason. I guess we could kinda label this a "Russian Beauty," though that title doesn't have the same implications for some reason.

Anyway, I'm the kind of American who can love a movie, be it in English, be it dubbed into English, or be it subtitled into English, whichever is best for the material (then again, I've lived overseas and traveled much in my life, as well). And why should a flash movie be any different? Many "foreign" movies on NG tend to not have very much dialogue to kinda compensate, but I'm glad this one doesn't take that path. Plenty of dialogue, and I love the sound of spoken Russian. And finally, the themes and plot of the flash are all quite worth thinking about, so... a beautiful looking and sounding flash is made all the better by that... I love the sunbeams breaking through the windowpanes at the end, too. Best single visual image I've ever seen in a flash, I think.

Wonderful and detailed visual, auditory, and imaginative job with this. And it is a movie unafraid to show and say THIS is "what can be changed" instead of ASKING "what can be changed?"


This was truly inspiring. Mostly Flash animation is used for making funny videos, horrible games, some poop jokes, maybe a video game spoof or two, a crapload of porn, too... But every once in a while there're short films like this that come along that are really worth something, and I thank all the flash animators who made these animations.

Thank you..

.. I'm glad I found this. You have, indeed, marked me for life. I realize all the change I could make in the world, however, I also see that it is your coice to make the change, and no one else's. Great Job. I'd love to see more.


That is the best flash that I've seen up here yet. It was different from everything I've ever seen before. It was unique, it's made a difference, it's marked my life. I will never forget that ever. I won't. I am glad I found this flash. It was destined to be found by people, that really need to make a big difference in their lifes. And the music and graphics were the best ever. Congratulations. Great Job!


That was definately something different. I should take more chances because I'm always cautious. This gave me a big slap in the face that I need to do...well great flash. Love the graphics and sounds. What language is the narrator speaking in? O_O?