Reviews for "What Can Be Changed"


I never though so, wow, man, this is outstanding.

- Way too good. OK, it is not as "Fallen Angel: Teaser" but it is still an DVD quality.
Very very impresive.
- This movie has the best Style reputation points on NewGrounds, and I must admit with it. So nice "compsosed". This was REALLY Flash ??? :D
So nice animating, graphics, and that Russian Ambience & Voices, so nice and good.
I'm impressed, really impressed. And nice idea for the yet simple thing when you are passing between scenes, and the end when he met that girl.. That was really outstanding.

- As I said before, that was one of the major points for being such a popular submission. That was Russian right? I think it is.

- n/a -- For the love of good, thanks ! I thode you'll destroy this beatifull and clean animation with some Violence...

- none

- Serius


RATING - 5/5



Not only does this flash contain good GFX,SFX and a great realistic style, it also contains a message which inspires you to take action and to put away your insecurities, this truly deserves nothing less than the score it has.


it had a great message to it and the graphics were terrific. i loved it.

Pretty Cool...

I have a good appreciation for good flashes and quality, but i really do not see how this is such a great work. It was very good, dont get me wrong, but not 9.75/10.00 great.. In my opinion...
And opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

Graphics were very smooth and the sound was pretty good...

Great, but not amazing..


This was truely a work of art, and i dont say this much but it is a work of art in many different ways. Everything in this movie could be considered a work of art depending on which way you look at it. The way i look at it, everything was a work of art. I was amazed at this movie seriously, i mean everything done so well, we need more of that today. No wonder is has second highest review score! Here is my review.

The graphics were simply fantastic, and without a doubt good enough for a 10, well at least in my opinion. The drawings were magnificent, i loved the people, you have a nice sense for the human anatomy, all the proportions seemed to be correct. Not to mention the drawings were all extremely detailed. The same goes for the backrounds, they were detail and again magnificent. This happens rarely but they also helped create the mood of the flash too! The animation was awesome too , i loved the smoothness and detail of it all. The style of this movie was without a doubt good enough for a 10. You dont see many flash as good as this in terms of unique and well developped plot, effort in every little thing and lastly, flat out final product. I loved the idea of this, i even found it cool having it in a different language, though i cant exlain why. The presentation was awesome as i even commented to my friend, who thought the same thing after i pointed it out. (he doesnt spend time on NG) The sound was awesome in everyway. The one hold back for me here is i couldnt tell if the voice actingt was good or no a lot of the time because it was indeed in a different language. The voices did, however, suit the flash very nicely.

Overall i loved this movie for a number of reasons. It was truely fantastic in every way. And i will say this again, it isnt a wonder why this has such a high average review score. Make more movies as soon as you can! 5/5