Reviews for "What Can Be Changed"


Excellent use of flash to convey a message. Everyone should watch this.


This review cannot contain the words I can use to describe this flash movie. It is seldom to see great graphics and a deep meaning in the same flash, but you did it better than most all other artists.


This was beautiful. It has great music, great graphics and even better it has a powerful message. The girl was also very beautiful. I like that you kept your native language in the background along with the subtitles. It reminded me of the movie K-Pax which I loved. “Change the way you look at the world.” It’s nice to see something a bit different on Newgrounds.

Very good

Everything was great and very well put together. Hopefully your animation will convince or remind people to be more considerate and solicitous. You chose excellent perspectives and though your short doesn't heavily rely on animation, what's there is very precise and nicely done. Top-notch.

PS Kevin Spacey?

Extraordinary and joy-inducing

What a breath of fresh air. This is the most physically enjoyable short I've ever seen. I could watch it every day for weeks and still feel a certain joyful thrill each time.