Reviews for "What Can Be Changed"

very well done

Besides the fact that the man smiling at the end scared me, it was very good. It puts out a lot of good points, many of which I find myself thinking about while at work (I work with a LOT of people...). A smile and concern can change their day, surprisingly, I've seen it happen.

Lemme break it down...

Graphics= Not the best animation, but the visuals and the drawings were spectacular. Great character drawings and backgrounds, and it had a really cool sketchy style I love.

Sound= Great music and a lot of neat, subtle sound effects. The voiceovers were obviously in Russian, and having to continuously look down at the subtitles did get annoying, but luckily this did not take away from the overall message.

Interactivity= Play/replay buttons, and site links.

Style= There are so many styles to be seen on Newgrounds, from the creepyness of Salad Fingers to the Disney-esque Bitey of Brackenwood. I have of course seen this movies' style on Newgrounds and in other places before, but never have I seen it done so well.

Violence= A bit of blood, nothing much... well, you'll see.

Humor= None, this movie doesn't need it.

Overall= It is a crime how underrated this movie is. A mother fucking CRIME. It's deep, atmospheric, it looks and sounds great, and it kept me captivated all the way through- in a foreign language. Hopefully this movies' message will reach more people, it will become more popular, and it's score will reflect its' greatness. _MessiaH_ is certainly right.

It WILL get higher.


This is still underrated, although at least it's now getting the attention it rightfully warrants.

I remember protecting it when it was under judgment. I thought 'Hell yeah, this is going to win today's Daily Feature for sure!'

My vote of 5 raised the score to 2.96

I could not believe that such a brilliant piece of flash was doing so badly.

Throughout the week, I checked up on it. It had a green score, which means decent, but it deserved much more, so I voted 5 on it every day, and each day it made a difference (very few votes, remember?).

Then, I realised it had a review score of 9.52, and I was just praying that it would at least get the Review Crew Pick.

And then, when I saw it there, with 'Review Crew Pick' written above it, I almost cried with joy.

Slowly but surely, 3.33 turned into 4.13

And it will get higher.

This is brilliant.

Truly, this is one of the most brilliant things I've ever seen, flash or otherwise. A real eye opener and a fantastic (and fatnastically executed) idea. This is the kind of thing that can change lives, for the better; more people should see this. Great job.

This should be on the front page

And how, HOW does this have such a low score? Damn it, this made my cry!
I'm Russian too, so I understood all of what they said.

This is a very, very special flash, well done in all respects; beautiful animation, good voices, only the music was SLIGHTLY annoying. I'll bet people are giving it a low score just because it's in Russian. Be a little more open-minded everyone! This film probably applies to YOU as well.