Reviews for "What Can Be Changed"

Very well made

That is how life works, I love this movie


although i doubt the consequence would be as extreme as it was here, i do agree with you about how we could change things. the ending made no sense though.

The message was?

Either was no message or it went over my head to be honest. When opportunity rises take it? what's the message? Liked the direction, graphics, and style but didn't get it. If that girl was sitting next to me I do the same thing. Fear of rejection mostly.

Greatest Flash here

This has being the most touching flash I have seen on new grounds deserves that 5/5 more than any other and I am so glad I have seen it I advise all to watch this

Oh, I love this one.

Another "what can you do to make the world a better place" advert. There are many of those out there. And many make you cringe because they are sappy, or over the top, or something else. There are also the ones that really do make you think, even if its only a little. This is one of those. Brilliant.