Reviews for "What Can Be Changed"

This is probably the smartest thing I've seen here

The graphics were great but what was really worth watching was the message, of course. We all know we should do something with our lives, but nobody really do anything about it, this animation presents things in a way we can't just ignore it. I definitely loved it, I hope you'll submit other movies like that.

A flash of what we think but hardly talk about...

We all feel sometimes the need to change our lives... there are ones make it, and ones who keep waiting for something to do it. But, with no effort, nothing comes. It doesn't matter what you exactly do; It doesn't matter if you do it perfectly. But do something. Great movie.


very very touching *sniff* amazing man....make many more movies great stuff...didnt rly understand the begginin and end though


this was a really good flash. The graphics were awesome with nice camera angles. The sound was crisp and done professionally. The violence was appropriate when it was there. this definately was done professionally, not by one person. This was amazing. I hope it makes the front page.

LOL...dude looked like bruce willis.

Aaaaaw, makes me think i should go help someone...maybe later though, im not done watching TV yet. But man, i hope i can look as happy as all those people in the end of this flash, the main character looked REALLY REALLY happy...a bit TOO happy if i don't say so myself...and i do.