Reviews for "NG Tournament: Semi's 2"

f*#kin' rules

dood this shit rocks! i cant wait for the finals


Score for madness!!! w00t! No more clocks.. finally! I hate clocks and sprites too!!! my day has been made!


I LOVE IT HURRY WITH THE NEXT ONE and to the guy that wrote before me man dude mario sucks compared to madness all mario does is jump on his enemys madness kills them

Super Amazing but...

Madness sucks compared to Mario everyone just hates him. Mario should have one and when are the finals coming out???

Best Flash ever

No,not the best.Nothing is perfect;)
But this is one of my favourits.
A so cool movie I didn't watched before.Only since DuckTalez:D
To bad no Sonic*j*

Please finish the continue=)!!!