Reviews for "NG Tournament: Semi's 2"

how i never noticed this movie before?
and how come it never gets into madness collection?
good work!

error-45207 responds:

thanks bitch

you're my bitch

review my other movies bitch


hank is victoryous but this was fortold by his pwnage =0


This was good, i enjoyed watching a lot. Cant wait til the next one, and keep up da good work!

it was good

it was good but i was hoping mario would win even though u made him a complete wimp but i like madness 2 u can tell with all those guns he had and mario had really nuttin except the blocks but u should finsih i want to know who madness fights

any movie that wastes clock is an awesome movie

brilliant movie the series is heaps good so far. Great job with thinking of favourite things on NG and puttin them in a tournament. The graphics in this are pretty good like the madness guy is pretty well drawn.
Violence lol what can I say i loved the part where Madness blew the crap outta all those clocks i thought for a second he was a goner but nope he came through. Nice job on wastin Mario shot in the head from behind.
The humour is pretty good mainly the wastin of the clocks and Madnesses reaction to going into Mario's world Holy Pixelated Shit lol.
Overall an awesome movie and a brilliant series can't wait for the final between Madness and the Unknown fighter!