Reviews for "NG Tournament: Semi's 2"

Great, awesome, godly, whatever u want...

that 1 was the best. can't wait the final. but how u get the lost scene??? keep up ur good work.

error-45207 responds:

lost scene is coming in next episode. I had it on this one but i ran out of space so i had to delete it... sorry. Dont worry its not that great at all...

I love it!

Great concept and animation! Haven't seen a thing I didn't like! Keep up the good work. I'm rooting for Madness!


Love the Newgrounds battle theme... the dig at MIA Reginold was really funny. Very cool insider flick.
Storyline could be tightened up a little...there were a couple of points where I lost interest... but when the storyline was moving forward, it was absolutely GREAT. The music selection did a great job setting mood.


ill save my ten for the grand final when u give me

the missing scene and who wins the tournament. ok it was really good but the ending both surpised and shocked me it all happened so fast. anyway hurry up with the next i want it to be done and a tip if u make more u should release them all at once get less fans mad but i loved the movie. and nice touch with madness gettin scared by the cross.

I love these

Madness is the ultimate character from NG. But still I wondered if he could win. And this dark & gloomy atmosphere is just something unbelievable. 10 *spam* 10 *spam* 10... ;)

error-45207 responds:

ahaha thanks mate. Its u guys that make me keep making this shit :) lol thanks again glad you liked it