Reviews for "NG Tournament: Semi's 2"

well done.. but

This movie was excellent in most the categories but somehow I found it slightly flawed. The concept, and drawings were great. The idea of putting all the newgrounds favorites together to make a tournament is classic. The problem with this series is it has gotten worse since the quarter finals. In the quarter finals the idea was a simple 1 on 1 to the death, with the winner moving on. Now you've made it too complicated with long drawn story lines and characaters chasing other characters around. I guess what i felt missing in this movie was not enough action. Half the time mario was being a pussy and madness was just chasing him. I would have found it much more entertaining if they just kicked each others asses the entire time using their patented moves from their respected series. Realize, with this review I am not trying to blam you, but instead help you to get a 5 on the next movie. With more action and a brutal fight to the death I would be more than happy to click 5 on this entry. Until then save the story lines. Good luck.


And he killed 611 clocks. yay. ^_^


i luv the series, u gotta finish it, lol


Good graphics, a lot style and great sound.

that rules i cant wait to see the final

the tournaments have been brilent so far i actn wait to see who maddness fights in the final i think it will be that guy from the other maddness flicks if not then for somestrang reason i think it it might be diablo from the computer game i hope maddness wins though he is the best thing on newgrounds