Reviews for "NG Tournament: Semi's 2"


But could've been so much better if only Mario and the Clocks put up more of a fight... Could've been fucking awesome. I mean Mario was portrayed so utterly pathetic, while the Madness guy had unlimited weapons and ammo, unlike the series where he max. caries one weapon in each hand... I mean what the hell??

Mario was such a coward, not even worthy of entering the tournament. Seriously, what a boring fight that was. Not even the best special effects in the world could save such lameness. Just kill Mario and move on man.

Oh yeah, the clock scene wasn't too cool either... Look! 3 androids are bumping into that Madness guy, while 600 Clocks just stand there doing absolutely nothing but show up, even though their King was pwned by this guy. ZzzzZzzzzzz.

Fuck that, I say he should've grabbed a gun and fucked them up with style. That's the Madness way. Oh, yeah and what's up with him dreaming such wierdass dreams about a guy he obviously never met? Was that to add some sort of depth to the whole thing? Come on...

This whole movie reminds me of quote by Voltaire:
"I have never made but one prayer to God: 'Oh Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it."

Sums it up rather nicely, don't you think?

Everything else was very good though, keep it up man.


youve done it again man........ THAT WAS GREAT!!!


Madness will win of course....hehe...hes just so L337! or some such...= ) All around, very good stuff...good work, keep it up!

o man

dude there all awsome gave 5's to all plz though make the last one im dying here so awsome!

i got an idea!

hi error_45207! you schould a vote thing that you schould have on the finals. like who schould meet madness 1 pico 2 xiao xiao 3 tom fulp 4 custom 5 random