Reviews for "Storytime: Church Flowers"


Lizzi_the_random you are an idiot. He's not racist... it's just a funny joke...

Anyways... This movie was hilarious beyond all belief. I like the style of the movie and how simple it was... Keep up the great work!

-A Clock Work Mep!


that was hilarious, funny stuff man


ignore that last poster. great job. its nice to see some non flash visuals occasionally.

you stupid idiot

i almost liked it if it wasn't for the rabbi thing. you suck man. you are so racist. i'm so gonna make shure you are blammed.

I almost hated it.

I almost decided it was stupid, but all flash movies by you are good, so I decided to wait.
To all who watch this, you might think it's stupid at first, but the last line is funny.