Reviews for "Storytime: Church Flowers"


OK i am a believer of god and all but wats up with the ending "Only Jews can prevent forest fires" wtf does that mean...

haha i thought it was just gonna end like that

i thought it was gonna be that children storybook all the way through, and that would be the joke, but the jew part oh man that was fuckin' genius


You did this flash perfectly. You really got to the warm "story book" feel we all had when we were young and the animation even had a warm feeling to it. And what better way to finish off a perfect flash then a catchy moral! Way to go.

Cool awesome style!!

Great drawings! Just like Bob the Ball! :))
The voice is great and the story is funny and sweet. awesome work!!

i loved it

it was a nice departure from the usual stuff that's on NG. kinda warm and fuzzy