Reviews for "Storytime: Church Flowers"

ohhh damn!

i was JUST about to state the punch line, but then i saw your comment! darn! lol... well i wont spoil the fun for everyone, i guess...
heh, i liked it... although there wasnt any animation, i supose it wasnt really meant to, no? lol. The drawings were pretty good, did you draw them yourself? nice shading and all. Also, the sound quality was good, so extra marks for clarity.
Still, apart from the nice story line and moral, i cant say i thoroughly enjoyed it, i mean, i didnt laugh my head off or anything... but still, nice work.
overall score: 7/10


Well I liked it. I'm not one for flowers. But I do like the Jews.

Not that good

The story is a bit too simple...


Nice work.

this is sooo boring

this is the most boring flash ive seen all day put some violence in them

Wogoat responds:

well, just for you I'll admit that after the story is over, some guy walks in and shoots everyone.