Reviews for "Storytime: Church Flowers"

It took a while to get there, but it was worth it.

Hilarious ending.

Damn you!

Gah, that was awful... funny as hell. I voted 4 because it it made me want to smack you silly.

OMG dude.

Love what you did with smokey the bear's motto XD
Everything else seemed incredibly like my sunday school when I was but a mere 10 year old and playing special games with the prei- I mean...

Lol. Anyway, the pictures were an uncanny resemblance to that one boy/girl in every sunday school that would be all perect for their teacher.

I actually went to a school like that.

All the way up to the Rabbi bit.

Just like my school.....

But the moral in my school would be

The Moral of the story is
"Don't pick too many flowers. They can damage your chances of becoming a priest!"

Followed by silence from the 500 kids in the school


that was the greatest buildup to a pun I've ever seen.