Reviews for "Storytime: Church Flowers"


Best. Punchline. Ever.

a bit too much buildup but...

that was great! bonus points because i'm jewish =)


That was really, and truly awesome!

ARGH! Right in the pun organ!

Oh that was bloody awful lol. Great art and a messed UP joke, but freaking funy man! And ya know that no real priest would ever go to a rabbi for confession, but it's your cartoon, so have fun with it I suppose ;)

Aaaaaargh!!! X-(

That was HORRIBLE!

Truth was, I'd heard that chestnut of a joke with a different punchline, but it was in the same vein. But I have to admit, the art was LOVELY, and you've got a great storyteller's voice.

Get a PBS Kids TV show. STAT.