Reviews for "Storytime: Church Flowers"

Oh clever...

Really good, you must know John Courson! Your drawings are great, but how about some animation next time?

Heh, simple little flash

Took me a while to get the joke. The two friars were giving out flowers... so they were starting to become florists. But then the rabbi came in and the two were able to quit their dispute, thus preventing the two friars from becoming florists.

And this flash definately isn't anti-anything.


Lovely. Childish crayon colourings. Not to mention it's just a variation of an extremely overused joke. It's not flash-worthy, sorry.

Even if I'm an athiest - well, in a way - I don't mind jokes revolving aroudn Christianity and religions like that. But a simple joke such as that, which you can read in a magazine like Reader's Digest, is not worth making a flash for!


Wogoat responds:

those were colored pencils

not crayons


Why can't I state the punch line? It was so funny!
hahha... well i guess I wont spoil the fun for everyone, too bad, somebody else probably will though.
heh, i liked this... although there really wasnt much/any animation, i supose it wasnt really meant to.
heh. The drawings were pretty good, did you drew them yourself? Yes, No? Maybe?
Nice shading and all. Also, the sound quality was good, so extra marks for clarity.
Still, apart from the nice story line and moral, i cant say i thoroughly enjoyed it, i mean, i didnt laugh my head off or anything... but still, nice work.

simple and sweet

good job it was nice and simple... the punchline was definitely corny... what I thought was funnier though was the previous reviewer's confusion...