Reviews for "XIN Session 09"


Andre is the MAN!!!!

dont no about that

my school is not small persay its just that if my school was like that it would have more populated students since the espelled ones that come back and my fighting skills are strong not speed so i dont no how long id get me ass whooped


I would love it if my school was like this. Not that I'm particularly rowdy or anything but I CAN hold my own and quite frankly, there are a lot of people I want to beat to death w/o reprocussion. Consider that my school has over 4,000 students with a seven building campus. It'd be a freaking warzone. And it'd be a WHOLE lotta fun.


Xin's gonna transfer schools again....


Hmm In The Previous Sessions I Noticed That The Animation Didnt Really Go With The Voices But Now It Goes Perfectly, It Just Me? Or Is It Fixed This Time.


The Story Really Got Going, But What Exactly Happened To Legend, How Did He Get Out Of The Gang Of People Who Looked Like They Were Gonna Kill Him? Oh Well, Good Job Anyway