Reviews for "XIN Session 09"

real time stuff loved it

you (will) make more or i will hunt your ass down this was great dude i speak for 5 other ppl who are telling me that your style was off the chart you should try your hand at a real company i know a guy at animecrave that would give you a chance at a real deal send me a e-mail some time if your up to it

For those that don't understand

There isn't really a main charater, if you had to push it yes Xin is but this school is stronger then all the others he has been in.

Ghia wants to take down the school for the review board to close it down for good. All of his followers want this.

Andre, doesn't care for ANYONE or ANYTHING. If someone bothers him he beats the crap out of him. He has no real followers but some of the students look up to him.

Legend wants the school to thrive. He likes a good fight but he doesn't go over board. Mil is a close follower and although weaker then most of the upper people, his speed makes up for that and he can easly take on thugs.

Okay.... it was good.

I just watched the intire first chapter but I didn't like it as much as all the other reviewers.

- Who the hell was the main character? It was a bit hard to pick a side because everyone's main goals were a bit unclear and they all just fought.

- The graphics have improved but the fighting scenes still don't look nice: a fist flies through the air, you see a flash and all of a sudden someone is lying on the ground, I just got the idea that everything could've been smoother.

- The storyline is a bit weird. Xin fights everyone, then stops fighting and some minor guys start fighting at the end. Why is the movie called Xin? maybe the future episodes will show me but I was very confused.

The good:

- Nice long series, I like that.

- Great voice acting.

Anyway, it was pretty good but some parts just bothered me a bit... Had to leave a review.

Ghai is cool...

But every one else was stupid....At least he won. I I had figured out that he wanted to take down the whole system a few minutes before the said it. Ghai is L337....

Nice ending

wat a better way then to have a massive school riot to end the chapter