Reviews for "XIN Session 09"

lasers and stuff

although phantom is right in session 8 ghai deos charge up his fist with what looks suspiciously like ENERGY! while not sooting the stuff that does not mean that they are not using energy attacks all the same.

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also, about te previous comment. Stuff like this can happen in school, its not like DBZ you don't see people shooting energy. Its a realistic fight type situation. Don't say you want things like this to happen in your school, because it might just look like people got hurt and school got closed, people would actually die, and nobody deserves to have that happen to them.


do i really need to say any more

well now...

shcool closed down... some russian sounding dude there wants goob 4 the kids... fights, violence man... i wish shit like that wud happen at my shcools ive been to... too late im graduated already and its only a cartoon... but a cool one.

Sessions 6-9 covered a lot of ground.

Back in session 6 is we learn that XIN has the technique of bone shredding and the session immediately after that he is truly a beatable yet still very skilled fighter. By the end of this 9th session we know of all the characters intentions and even though the violent school of 1368 has closed down, life is not going to get any better for the students. I just think its a fantastic storyline and its even better because it is told so well.

I did see the last few sessions (16-18) and I cant wait to see how the rest of the sessions before those lead up to them.