Reviews for "XIN Session 09"


dam i wonder what schools gonna take all those punks


if ghai gets the school closed down he wont be the captain of anything.... -.-

Now that was just...

neat. I must say... you guys did a fantastic job ending the chapter. I can't wait to see what's in store for the students now. As usual, Ghai is freaking awesome. He has such a pointless purpose in life... but it add so much to the story. And I love how the relationship between Legend and Ms Jix is growing increasingly.

You guys are amazing. (now I sound like a gushing school girl) But still. incredible. Keep it up.


Oh Hell Yeah!

Ghai is just a pain in the ass! And (singing) "Andre gonna whip his ass! Andre gonna whip his ass! HA HA HA HA HA HA!" Xin did nothing and that was disappointing, but Andre settled this between him and Ghai! Ghai? Taking control? Please a rodent has a better chance. Good Flash, can't wait for more. Oh and once again, I found Ghai laughable.

What a way to end the first season, that was great

Finally, just what I've been waiting for the whole time with this series, that was great throughout, not once was there a dull moment. It was a great mix of story with a little violence amongst it and there was also a little bit of humour chucked in which was great to see like right at the very start when the examinators were approaching the school and you saw the state that it was in. It was also great to see all the little different aspects of the story from different people's point of views and you managed to pull of having Zumi explain the story in a really nice way, it could have ended up being boring, but it was actually really good. It was also nice to see Andre brought back into it and his little scene with Ghai was great to watch. I also enjoyed the sequence with Legend and Mrs Jix as it did explain a little more about the relationship between the two and I wasn't expecting to see them featured in it. I also liked the way you ended it, it was very nicely done and it got me very intrigued into what was going on and it's left me really looking forward to watching what happens next. Again though, the sound was poor, the sound quality of Mrs Jix's voice was on the poor side, it was just hers though, the sound quality of everyone elses voice was fine. But once again the voice acting for Legend was poor and it really needed to be good as it would have dragged you into the events more.

Peace Out, Afro Stud