Reviews for "XIN Session 09"


What can I say. I gave you a 5. You so deserve it!! Great Job!

woohoo, another episode!

Yes, yes, yes! another episode of my favorite anime series. I really started liking this after i watched all your episodes a couple of months ago. The drawings and animation are not the best, but the story totally makes up for that. But there is on big BUT. Where the hell is the voiceacting man? U promised it would be here and it isnt! :'( Neway this is still a great piece. More cinematic and professional than the other episodes and a good conclussion. Take care!

Lifepoint1 responds:

Sorry for the delay on voice acting.
We currently finished voices for sessions 1 to 3, and the rest should be coming along in due time.
We'd like to continue the series as originally paced however, and voices will be added in as we go. Thanks alot for the review, and I think we've improved the graphics quite a bit in the new chapter, and we hope you enjoy it too.

good job

good animation probably took you along time to do..... i would add in some voices cause its kinda hard to read and watch the fighting and stuff but good job.


Yeah cool nice graphics.

again, very nice

Nice to see that now Newgrounds viewers can see the chapter finalle without haveing enough energy to go onto your site. Oh and one last thing, you misspelled legend at one point, u spelledit legemd or something. i belive the sentance was:
even with legend gone, (continues to talk about ghai taking over school) while their in the cafe or whatever
Good luck with your next series/chapter

Lifepoint1 responds:

Thanks alot Xylon :D

Especially for pointing out that error.
Always appreciated.