Reviews for "XIN Session 09"

The end of the first chapter!

What's a better way to end a chapter with an ultimate school riot?! this one was awesome with the beginning fight between Andre and Ghai. It figures out that Ghai has a secret ambition to challenge the school system and he would do whatever it takes to bring school #1368 DOWN! I don't want to ruin everything so you have to watch it yourself. Great work Lifepoint1.

i dont know

but something about this is just friken awsome dont know what it is but keep it up


This whole series is a bit of a strange concept but presented very well.

Great Stuff

Another Great Xin episode, though my review of full series is on the last episode. I kinda found the part where legend gives the little cake thing to Ms Jix funny, just the way it was presented lol

This is a prime example...

of less quality artwork...but amazing action story, and good editing...

your style and ability to draw even those parts that come out looking raw and unfinished...yes perfectly scripted and edited. Its amazing cause if yo ucna master that than any serious flash cna still come off looking well polished

you two should be storyboard writers or directors...