Reviews for "XIN Session 09"

kinda boring

it did not impress me at all....good try though...


good story but Xin didnt get in da cut of the movie u should of had a fightin scen wit him ni it ur. good is that the way u look at life.. full of pain fear sarrow and regret. was pritty good hurry up and make the new one plz

Great ending to the first chapter.

I must say, this along side Dead Rain are the only decent Anime Wana b's on this entire website. (Dead Rain Kicks Ass, but anways..).

I like the story and all, but there are a few things that I really don't like about your movie and I think that if you do fix them, you have a shot at front page...

Why don't you draw in flash, like you do in real life, or at least like on your website? I've visited your site, and I must say its decent. The art works great, but I must admit that the sessions so far kinda suck, graphic wise. You get lazy at some parts and change the characters into 2 cent figures, that really kills the movie. Also the white shines on everything plainly suck total ass... It looks horrible. All the characters look like they're on cardboard. Hint from a fellow maker of flash wana b anime (well its in the works, look for the movie Elydon, Coming Soon). Blur your backgrounds, it makes it look much much nicer...

As for Session ten... I've seen some screen shots, and if it truly looks that good, and follows the current storyline, it might actualy be something eye pleasing for a chance. I hope this 1 will have voice acting. Thats what this series really missed. I know u said u'll fix it, but well, I aint seeing it yet.

Well anyways, Great Story, (Although u stole it off of Valcano High)... but its some what good, brutal, but good...

Keep it up and keep em coming.

i love it

i love it wish there was sound tho but still really good keep up good work man

Story kicks ass

um dude the graphics here um there not bad cuz i no someone who no how to draw anime its just like theres lots of steps to fleshin the char startin wit stick figures to make the pose then filling in the stick part wit ovals and shape to flesh the shape of the arms and then u keep up doin more steps adding more details and sharpening the lines and evening out the shapes this dude probly did it quickly cuz it would be too hard and long to make everything look even and nice and stuff tho the coloring is still a good enuf job