Reviews for "Star_Crossed (unfinished full)"


I like the story. And how a full version can be unfinished? Ahem. Special w00t again! Bah-bye and thx for happyness

Desyre responds:

lol thanks for the review :D

fuck yes

i was a big fan of the demo you put up for this song a while back, and have been eagerly waiting to hear the rest of it

the playful melody is immediately vibrant and very engaging. your choice to build and elaborate upon that melody instead of looping minor variants gives it a lot of character. At around :16, when the song dives into the heavy bass hits, it sounds so amazingly hardcore, i have a fuck yes moment every time i hear it

but if i might suggest, i liked the intro better before you lowered it an octave. i thought that the way the higher notes came at me sounded more crisp and intense. but this is really just nitpicking

very distinct work, i'm very excited to hear more from you

Desyre responds:

Thank you... and I agree about the pitch higher... talk to envy about it lol :D

=D =D =D

I feel so stupid XD I remember reviewing this song, but I guess I didn't... Well, regardless of how late and/or stupid I am, this song is awesome~~ 10/10, 6/5!! FANTASTIC!!! When I'm practicing my Parkour, this song helps me get back up after I've fallen and hurt myself XD Keep it up, because this is AWESOME! My iPod says I've listened to this song over 50 times XD Excellent!

Desyre responds:

LOL oh chimchime :)

Thank you for the review... I don't care if it was "late"


So, I first heard this a while ago, and read the little story/thing in your description as I listened to it, and got a feeling akin to being high... I had one of my best friends listen to it, and told him to read the same thingy... and he said he felt the same way; that it gave him a sensation of being high. (And I didn't previously tell him how it affected me, or that it even had in any way)

So wow... xD I'm impressed lol

Since I first heard this, it has, truthfully, become one of my top favorite NewGrounds songs, and one of my favorite techno songs on my ipod. ::Thunbs up::

Desyre responds:

Thank you very much! :D :D :D

You made me very happy XD


If this song was the song that "killed" the Chaoz Fantasy Remix, I would give it a 1/10 0/5 (for killing my NG favourite) but I guess it isn't, so here are your 10/10 :P

Desyre responds:

Uh... thanks?