Reviews for "Star_Crossed (unfinished full)"

i really loved it

it was great, what sound did you use for the beginning tune? i really love that sound and the trance sound too what are those i love em. envy uses the same instruments and i really wanna know where you got em from. pleaaseaesa!!!

Desyre responds:

LOL... I get them froooom.............. Envy :D Sorry can't really help you out too much with that :/

No.. but still good

i like the higher pitched version
can you put it just one octave up for the beginning like you had it in the demo.... PLEASE!!!!!

i love your song

Desyre responds:

LOL... thanks... it was an experiment... we'll see if I finish this song with envy... maybe I will, maybe I won't but... thank you for your review :D

I do not jest

The Music... nice, but what really drove me away was the little short story, somehow it just fit the piece to the missing puzzle, really well made song :) 10 out of 10 wahweeee

Desyre responds:

You can thank Chim Chime for the story! He's a pretty cool guy from what I can tell. BUT ANYWAY... thank you for the review :D

Can't wait for final full version. :D

Though to my ears it sounds perfectly good enough as is, I certainly look forward to what you two intend as the final version. This is one of the best new techno/dance songs I have heard in a while. I could listen to this over and over and not tire of it like many songs in those genres. Good job! :D


Desyre responds:

Well thank you, kind sir! I don't know if there will BE a final version because envy IS going on break.... so half of this duo will be disinclined to be working on it. LOL


This is awesome. I love it as much as the Demo you made a while back. Keep it up, and hope to see the full version soon.

Desyre responds:

Thanks :D