Reviews for "Star_Crossed (unfinished full)"


First time you uploaded it, it was awesome.
And now its even longer.

Loved the change of melody in the middle.
Not really a change. It was still the same, but sounded... reverse?


Its an amazing song.
Congrats to both you and Envy.

Keep making songs pleeeeease.

I love you <3
Just like I loved you in my first comment, on the first version.

Oh yeah, tell Envy to get on the NG Ventrilo more please :D
Thaaaanks! <33

Desyre responds:

Hahaha... ok I'll try my best... but he's been awfully busy lately :(. Annnnd thank you for the comment, making music is gonna be hard because I don't have the program on my computer... but I'll try!

space happy dance much? :D

this seriously made me think of spore and then creatures dancing on a space ship >:D wow man your just teh awesome :D good going

Desyre responds:

LOL... thanks... :D took a while just to get a full version done... and now for the final :/


ive been checking pretty much every day on your page for this :] it sounds just as fantastic as the demo, and was everything to be expected. i listened to the demo so much that when it got to the part that the demo usually cut off, it took a a second to realize that it was still going xD

but apparently its gonna continue to get better coz its STILL not done! one thing i think you should do in the full version is make the tune a bit louder when the bass kicks in. thatd add a whole new dimension of power to the song. i really cant wait for the full ver :]

oh and one thing. im working with FL8 and im pretty sure that ur working with FL6, arent you? do you think you could tell me where you got the grand piano sound Dx thatd be great.

continue the awesomeness!

9/10 - 5/5

Desyre responds:

WELL... I can talk to envy about that... and yeah I agree with the power thing. It was side-chained a little too much... anyway... thank you for the review :)

o wait

10/10. There's no need to even give a reason. Anyway, Desyre, can we make babies? :o

Desyre responds:

LOL... um... I think envy might kill you... sorry man haha :)

Sex for the ears, yet again

I said this before to the demo. i dunno if you remeber me xD i was sayin sometihng like "I was being raped in the ear by some hot ear-raper. You WIN GOOD DAY sir...". Aanyway, fuck your awsomeness extremly hard cos your GOd. YOU Are Chuck Norris (or female Chuck Norris if your a chick xD). How the hell do you make music so beatuiful it hurts my eyes. seriously. U = Win, Win = U. Keep on makin music!

Desyre responds:

LOL... nice :D And yeah... I am a chick (hence being envy's girlfriend). Thank you for your wicked awesome comment... It made me happy :D