Reviews for "Star_Crossed (unfinished full)"


Can't wait to hear the final version

What the fuck

are you EnvY?

Again great

This is a great song, all the sounds mesh very well and the intro is kept strong, then it fades out in the middle and comes back in the end to wake you from a dream like state. Please i know you posted this a year ago but finish this song.

Nice tunes!

It's a really banging tune with a crazy hard trance synthesizer but something is missing and that something makes the main melody and the build up low and disappointing.

When it builds up, with the snares and the synthesizer raising in volume, it got me hyped up but then when it starts the synthesizer goes down in volume and it feels like it's not epic enough. I think the side chaining is not that good, raise the volume of the synth melody, by a considerable amount so it balances the intro as well, as for now it sounds alright but the volume is low. Raise it and it will be totally EPIC. I will favourite this for now. Keep doing what you doing! ;]


This song was very well made. we admire your work, but what instruments did you use to make this? please answer, we would love to make a song in this style.