Reviews for "Star_Crossed (unfinished full)"


Truly professional. Everything was filtered out PERFECTLY. No criticism here. KEEP THIS RAVE STUFF UP!!!!

Desyre responds:

Wow... thanks!

Good Gods that I dont believe in, awsome.

Each person's style of music is unique yet can be influenced. And I can almost hear Envy saying stuff in the background, yet it's all you in the foreground. The intro feels the most Envy to me. Also I love how you fade into the orchestral around 1:07, and the piano at the end is one of the few almost nonexistent good piano pieces I have heard on NG. But I may just be looking in the wrong place on that one.

Still love the song. Can't wait for the finished one.

Desyre responds:

Thank you for the review :D


I can detect all kinds of Envy influence. Good thing, but you have more of an orchestral take on things. Personally, I'd say pursue that flavor, the piano background you've got in there is great. I love the swinging bass time you've got going on. It's just a little rocking tune. 1:20 = ooooooooh. Love the piano. 1:46 = LOVE IT. GOD DAMN.

More piano pieces from you.

Desyre responds:

I'll try but... I still need my envy :/


cool this doesnt sound like ur boyfriend made this at all it really sounds like you made it honest, each persons style of music is unique and this doesnt sound anything like all of his songs

keep up the good work

Desyre responds:

Lol... thanks man :)


This is just great. It SOUNDS like a finished version to me. However, I agree that the intro should be an octave up. It just sounds.....more....epic? There's no good wording for it, but it makes it a bit better.

Desyre responds:

thanks man!