Reviews for "Over There TV intro"

Looks promising

And I hope people will get over the big pixel-y thing and dont blam.

Spiffy as hell

I liked the camera effects and how the pixels gave off a 3-D feel. It would be a cool intro to a video game.

Well Done

People need to learn to read the Author's Comments, such as kospas. For some reason I get the impression that he's an 11 year old kid with ADD. Anyhow, this is nice for having been done in 1998, it's better than a lot of the stuff on here today, and it actually does seem like it would be a cheesy Saturday morning cartoon beginning, from the music to the intro.

Nice job on it.

quite original

just too bad it's so short. I would really like to see more. Music fitted well.

Yes that's it.

Yes that's it! Instead of plasticiene you should have done this it looks grat and sounds great too.