Reviews for "Over There TV intro"

Well Done

People need to learn to read the Author's Comments, such as kospas. For some reason I get the impression that he's an 11 year old kid with ADD. Anyhow, this is nice for having been done in 1998, it's better than a lot of the stuff on here today, and it actually does seem like it would be a cheesy Saturday morning cartoon beginning, from the music to the intro.

Nice job on it.

quite original

just too bad it's so short. I would really like to see more. Music fitted well.


Nice modern day telling of a classic NES expierence. The graphics were not great, but since you were intentionally mimicking the classic bits, it is fine. Nice music and it went really well with the movie. Interesting bunch of characters, some looked better than others. The end logo with them all was done quite well, keep up the good work.



lol,this was great!Did you use "16color" for this too?Looks like it,it was pretty short though,you should make it longer,well,keep up the good work!



Please make more of this kind of movies.