Reviews for "Over There TV intro"


Purely Amazing


This is fucking amazing! This animation struck a chord deep inside me. 16 color(next to mario paint) was like the first animation program I used. Just for doing it in 16 color I'm giving you a 10! That program sucked to animate on, doing each frame in 16 colors or less, but when you were done, boy were you ever psyched! Dude I applaud you guys... keep up the good work! Pixels 4 ever!

Really Cool

This looks really good. Any chance you'd make an episode of this? Come on!!! do it for me.

Looking Good.

Dustba11 I have no idea where yourt music composing prowess is from but I can't get enough of it.
Gel again Great animating I'm was convinved this was a game of the same time of Privateer but you told me it was actualyl a claymation.
Great work team!

another great animation from gel and dustball

this was awsome, yet again, and i have to admit that these were better than 16bit showcase. cant wait for your next animations.