Reviews for "Over There TV intro"

Very nice :D

Very nice, Gel. When it's so easy to steal sprites, it's great to see some original pixel work once in a while. A very refreshing change. Some of those effects must have been inhumanly tedious to make. It was well accomodated by the music of Dustball. I haven't been on the forum today, but I happened upon this while doing some judgement voting. I might have more to say on the forum, later :)


Even if you keep the same animation, you could still go places with this^_^ good job


even though it was crappy graphics, you mad it work, better than a lot of people could anyways.


lol pretty good ^^ pxelatex but cool

Not as cheesy as all that!

This is actually okay! I like the fact that you added new characters, and it really does remind me of old 16-bit stuff that I've seen; you treat the medium with respect, as if it were the height of technology, unlike Skittlez'n'Bitz (although there's a place for that too). The music fits the style perfectly. I know you've heard this a million times, but great job!