Reviews for "Over There TV intro"

I really liked it!

Your animation style is very unique. I love the pixellated-yet smooth animation. Although many people may not appreciate this type of animation, I think the idea was very well executed, and would definitely like to see more of this.

Good job!

good stuff

for being done way back in 98' that was pretty impresive. Hell if you had make it a week ago I'd still like it. The stlye reminds me of when lucas arts accually made fun games like Sam n Max and Day of the Tentacle. Now all you need to do is dig up the old program and do an episode. I'd love to see it!


Reminds me of those old dos games. I would love to see more flash like this one!


needless to say...rad.

Nicely done

Kudos for not doing my biggest pet peeve while using 8/16 bit graphics; rotating them. It kills the illusion. Thanks. Great job. I love how unlike the actual series it is. Anyway, great job.