Reviews for "Over There TV intro"


This is fucking amazing! This animation struck a chord deep inside me. 16 color(next to mario paint) was like the first animation program I used. Just for doing it in 16 color I'm giving you a 10! That program sucked to animate on, doing each frame in 16 colors or less, but when you were done, boy were you ever psyched! Dude I applaud you guys... keep up the good work! Pixels 4 ever!


lol pretty good ^^ pxelatex but cool

Amazing animation

This is something different! It should be featured on the front page. It's that good!

Just how though was the 16 bit program animation transfered to Flash??

gel responds:

Glad you liked it! Gel did the animation and saved it as an animated gif a long time ago. Dustball imported the animated gif into Flash and tediously went through it frame by frame to "trace bitmap" on all the frames. Even the Edit Multiple Frames thing doesn't trace all the bitmaps, so it's mostly done one by one. More pixelly goodness to come!

How Far Animation Has Come...

I used to work with programs like that... only the one I used had 256 colours! (Joy) I Think it was called Autodesk Animator... either way... OOOOLD school.

Good job!

Plenty of fun

I really could see this as an 80's cartoon. If you do follow up on this baby with a Flash, sticking with 16 Color would totally make it rock.