Reviews for "Oddgods-0"


hehe at first i was ready with my blam finger but this really was a good flash! the only thing i noted was when he jumped in the water... no sound???


There was kinda freaky! Also, I think that is some of the smoothest flash animation I have ever seen.

on crack...

if youve been on crack doing this animation make more while being high!! lolz jk..this shit was trippy..i really like it. it was original and wtf is this?, frame by frame action?...if it is..that is somesmooth ass shit right here man nice frame by frame...it is what made me give you a big fat 0!!!! jk big fat sexy looking 5!!

That was fucking shit

Have you ever watched a movie that was so bad you hit the T.V.??? Well now my monitor has a crack down it. O My God that was bad. Those guys must have been on crack or something do make that.

Good job.

Nice graphics, good sound, original concept, I really don't see how this got Underdog. Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing more like this.