Reviews for "Oddgods-0"

It was alright....I guess

I didn't even watch the whole thing because I really didn't know what exactly was goin on.
Try harder

hmmm.. kool flash

kool flash but, i dont get it. whats the point of the flash. i liked it dont get me wrong it was kool, but i didnt see the point. but kool flash. keep up ur good work.

Best out of the 4

This one was my favorite episode out of the 4. The animation was much more unique and I think it is front page material.


Somehow, the person in the last review called the animation in this movie "sub par." I'm baffled. This is perhaps one of the most beautifully and uniquely visual things I have seen on NG. As I said in another "Oddgods" review, I hope the NFB picks you up someday, author.

ya i agree with lifeinthemiddle

the animation was deffintely sub-par....but the sound reminded me of a commercial for ducks unlimited....either way good work