Reviews for "Oddgods-0"


huh, Underdog, wtf this could well be frontpage. Why do people vote low on such movies???????
original movie, great animation!
-spongeclock squarepants-

oooh my

I love the style. Make a little more of a plot. Not just an image but a direction with what you are showing. A point but not a final defention.

More please

is this from asia?



eat more peas


Quite Good

Hmm... very good. It reminded me of Princess Mononoke for some strange reason. Very good though. Kudos.

This is what its all about.

Im glad to see some creativity on newgrounds that doesnt have to involve blood or death. This one was really interesting to watch. The sound could have been better, but your style is great.


Zero all right. Maybe had you not been trippin on acid when you made this it wouldn't be so gay.