Reviews for "Oddgods-0"

Like... "wtf"?

Ok. Although I'm not really into this "abstracted" stuff, I gave it a nice review, concertedly to the effort the author may have put in that movie. I'm kind of deceived though.


I didn't read the comments that you noted with the submission... and I think it's better than I didn't. Most of the time watching it, I had the greatest fun trying to figure out what was going on and what was going to happen. After I read your info about what was going on in the movie, it sort of took away from the experience.

I thought that this was incredibly well-made and the sound went along with the environment fantastically. Very fly, dude. Underdog? This should have made the front page for ranking instead. Excellent job. I'll be sharing this with some friends who I'm sure will love it, too. Keep it up.

it was ok

its different and thats what i liked

Not bad, should be more than an underdog

This was not a bad flash. I also don't get why it is rated low.


Wow man... really cool! very cool animated and great sound! I can't understand why this is Underdog of the Week ... why vote low and give a good review... :S... i can tell you you get a 5 from me! great job!!!

Hope you make more movies like this :)!