Reviews for "Oddgods-0"


this is cool i loved everything, espectialy the beginning, but theres one thing that i thouhgt should be fixed, the two think lines on the top and bottom for the wide screen effect should be on a layer above the animation so you dont have to stop it exactly on the line, (cuz although you did a pretty good job of it, i could noticed and it was an un-needed mistake) but this could just be apart of your crazy style i dunno, but ANYWAYS AWSOME MOVIE i want to see more!!

Fantastic job.

I don't know were to begin, this movie was well animated and the sound was terrific. I loved the part were the cat cuts off the foot of the alien and then it turns into a mouse.
The characters are well drawn out, and are very cool.
I have watched the movie three times so far and one thing I have noticed is that the alien says something different every time, so far.

Job very well done, and I also hope there is going to be another in the series.


Great style, and score, but needs a little more detail in the artwork.


You've got style, no doubt about that. I loved your movie, although I didn't understand too much. But that didnt hold me back, cuz I'm dumb sometimes anyways. Well I'm rambling, but main point: Good job man! Awesome graphics.

You are an extremely good animator.

This movie is so underrated, I can't believe it. But, that was awesome. completely awesome. I really like how you kind of made the characters disappear before they acrually exited the screen. That was a very neat effect.

Now, please correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like you redrew every single frame! That is amazing! I really like that style of drawing. I also liked how the alien's thought bubble was different every time. I got confused by that, so I had to rewind it to see if it was real. I won't give away the secret. I just don't know what to say! That was the best animation I have ever seen!

I am also a big fan of 3d flash. I really liked you pseudo 3d effects.

I liked the eeriness of it. The sound was perfect.

The animation was so smooth too. You are a very good artist. I just can't believe how low of a score this has! It is so low! Anyway, The score is over 1.6, so I wouldn't worry about it, but I mean, seriously. NOBODY KNOWS GOOD FLASH WHEN THEY SEE IT! This deserves AT LEAST a score of 4.something.

Anyway, to wrap this review up, it was a great movie, the animation was unbelievably smooth, I am a big fan of both that style of drawing, and your 3d effects, I loved how the characters disappeared before they exited the screen...OK. It may take a while to wrap this review up, so instead, I'll just give it to you in one sentence:


It is just a great movie. My favorite movie...that is...