Reviews for "Oddgods-0"

Definitly an underdog.

I can see why this movie got "Underdog of the week" reward. It had huge pros and cons. For the pros, the graphics (drawings) were pretty good. Quite creative I should add. And the movements very fluid and exellent.

Now the cons. There was very little sound. The only sounds that was going on was crickets and music. I wish there was more sound. For the strangling and walking through gravel, something like that.

uh huh

it was ok

i dont really get the plot..

is there even supposed to be one?


I can see that you've put a hell of alot of effort into this!

But I belive it is to high!

Shows whats not supposed to be on screen.

Nice, DSX


Very cool. Different from Shinji-san in that it makes a bit more sense to the rational mind. I'm very anxious to see this new series' resolution.
Still in the floating world of indeterminate duration.